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PPC is a way of online marketing where you can promote and market your products and services on social media and on the internet by paying fee for each time a person clicks on your ads or campaigns. In WebGenetik it depends on where you choose to advertise and grow your business.

There are several reasons on why it’s an honest idea for your business to adopt a PPC campaign. From immediate increase within the traffic to your website, to a better ROI, PPC advertising has become a staple for nearly every organization that has realized the importance and the urgency to shift their marketing online.

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  • Display advertising shows your adverts across relevant 3rd party websites all over the internet. Display advertising differs slightly from search advertising. With display advertising you have a lot of creative control, as you can form your ads using text, logos, animations, videos, images and more.



  • Whenever people search for something on Google, or any other search engine, you'll notice that on the search engine result pages, some of the results have small ‘Ad’ logo on the tag. This is what Search Advertising is all about, and it is concerned with identifying key phrases that are used by people for use in Google Adwords and Bing Ads.



  • Majority of the online traffic nowadays comes from smartphones. Thus, mobile advertising has the maximum reach and it also costs less than other forms of advertising. Therefore, it is a must for businesses who want to connect with their potential customers and earn with less amount.

Cloud Hosting

$29.99 /Month



  • Ads under social media advertising can be targeted to groups of users based on demographics, interest in topics, or other data gathered by the platform. Typically, these ads will appear in a user’s ‘feed’ or ‘timeline’, and advertisers can pay by utilizing two bid strategies: CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).



  • Boasting a simplified, flexible approach, with Google shopping Ads businesses can organize and promote their Google Merchant Centre product inventory within Google Ads. This enables businesses to create ads on Google and its network, which in turn leads to higher visibility to the targeted audience.



  • Remarketing is one of the most beneficial PPC strategies out there. It allows businesses to re-serve their ads to users who have previously clicked on them. These remarketing ads are beneficial because they remind customers about your products – especially to those who have previously made the purchase, or were close to making one.

Cloud Hosting

$29.99 /Month

Google Adwords

Google compiles a pool of advertisers, and then chooses a set of winners to appear in the ad space on its search engine results page (SERP) whenever someone is searching for something on its platform. Google Ads operate on a pay-per-click model. This means that people bid on specific keywords and only pay for each click on their ad.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads help businesses to generate reliable B2B leads. They offer more than 3 times higher conversion rate for B2B than most of the other online advertising platforms. This means that if you want to pitch your brand or product to a fellow decision maker, then you just cannot miss out on LinkedIn.

Facebook Ads

Facebook allows users to create their own PPC advertisements through its Facebook Ads manager, and with Facebook ads you can place promotions for your brand or product right in the news feeds of your targeted audience. As Facebook is the biggest social media platform, it allows for better targeting for your ads, and you can reach out to people

Twitter Ads

You can promote your tweets on Twitter so that they gain higher visibility to a targeted audience. These promoted tweets appear on Twitter streams or Twitter search results, and each Ad only supports a single tweet. This makes advertising on Twitter much more holistic than other social media advertising platforms.

Instagram Ads

While Instagram is newer than a lot of other social media platforms, it is the breakout start when it comes to growth. It allows users to share their visual stories via varied ad formats and yields a better ROI compared to other outlets of advertising campaigns. Furthermore, Instagram Ads function in a similar fashion as Facebook Ads, where you pay for a sponsored post to reach a larger audience

Shopping Ads

These Ads feature detailed information about a single specific product (Product shopping Ads) or several related products (Showcase shopping Ads). In contrast to a text ad, a shopping ad offers higher customizability as it allows users to use photos of their product, a title, price, store name and more. In terms of their visibility, it varies on the basis of which search engine you opt for.

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    Why should you choose WebGenetik’s PPC Marketing Services?

    We conduct research on all of your competitors to make your ads perform better than them

    We initiate our Ad copies with the most impactful punch lines to immediately seek all of the attention of the targeted viewer

    In contrast to other PPC agencies, we do not jam in unnecessary words and keep our Ads concise, so that they are easily digestible and attract a lot more users

    We maximize the reach of your brand by targeting specific audiences on specific online outlets, which helps us to bring relevant traffic to your website.

    We do not pitch false promises which you may have heard from other PPC companies and our actions factor in your specific needs in each and every step of our PPC marketing activities

    How Can We Help You Grow?

    WebGenetik is an elite PPC management company and we recommend PPC solutions as the one yet crucial digital marketing move to get maximum brand exposure within the fastest possible timeline. The PPC budget that you set, we prepare campaigns that can bump up your advertisements on different search engines that precisely cater to your targeted customer base.

    Pay only for Clicks


    Boost Website Traffic


    More Leads


    Increased Sales

    Why PPC?

    First and foremost, we ascertain the goals you want to achieve from the online advertising campaign, then keeping those goals in mind we take into consideration all of the unique facets of your website, like its landing page and content. After thoroughly analyzing your website, we optimize it to increase its user friendliness, and make it more crawl-able for search engines.

    We create a marketing funnel that is based on a parallel approach to your sales funnel, where audiences are segmented by their intent so that we can form the best strategy to get the right message across to the right people.

    To simplify your online marketing, we setup and organize accounts in various online advertising outlets for you. With our in-depth knowledge of Google Adwords, and other advertising platforms, we help you to target the right audience online.

    After optimizing your website, determining your target audience, and setting up your online advertising accounts, we launch the PPC advertising campaign.

    After setting up and launching the PPC campaign, we monitor it closely to make sure that it is moving on the right track. For this, we use varied methods to test and analyze its efficacy.

    Under A/B testing we perform a series of randomized tests, where we find out what’s working, and find solutions for what’s not. With this test, we test PPC ads for optimization and validation. Consequently, A/B testing helps us to improve your PPC ads, and leads to higher conversion rate, especially for higher end products.

    With this effective marketing technique we send prewritten messages to existing customers and potential customers over certain duration of time. This proven technique helps us to build you a loyal, recurrent customer base and also gets you more leads over time.